Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Chatbot for Effective COVID-19 Information Delivery to Older Adults: Medicine & Healthcare Journal Article

This is a pragmatic, multicenter, controlled, and randomized clinical trial involving 34 primary health care centers within the Madrid Health Service . The interventions in both arms were based on the 5A’s in the US Clinical Practice Guideline, which combines behavioral and pharmacological treatments and is structured in several follow-up appointments. The primary outcome was continuous abstinence from smoking that was biochemically validated after 6 months by the collaborators. The outcome analysis was blinded to allocation of patients, although participants were unblinded to group assignment. An intention-to-treat analysis, using the baseline-observation-carried-forward approach for missing data, and logistic regression models with robust estimators were employed for assessing the primary outcomes. For most young study participants, principled responses—messages appealing to concerns for family and community—counteracted the chatbot’s attempts to simulate empathy.

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  • This allows the user to experiment with gender in different stories if they wish.
  • Participants voted for empathetic-factual messages 40 (48%) times, over 50% more times than factual-only messages—which at 24 (29%) votes was the second most preferred message style.
  • An overarching factor in engaging and persuading audiences is the presence of credibility and trust, which can be defined as a combination of integrity, dependability, and competence .
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  • The software generated a banner indicating the professional which group the patient had been assigned to, and a printable file with a password to access the chatbot for patients in the IG.

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Usual practice was selected as the comparator due to being the standard treatment in our setting and because the chatbot attempts to reproduce the ideal face-to-face interaction between therapists and patients but as a novel technological support. This led to comparing 2 interventions of different intensities in terms of interaction time and number of contacts between the health worker or the chatbot and the patient. However, this comparison was justified by the pragmatic nature of the study. One premise for the chatbot intervention was that its automated use would facilitate an intensive intervention of characteristics similar to face-to-face interventions but without requiring as many resources. However, the setting of a chatbot-patient interaction is very different from a visit to the doctor or nurse in terms of type of interaction, duration , and activities performed by the patient .

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This allows the user to experiment with gender in different stories if they wish. The user can also select a certain gender for the bot itself and have an experience tailored to that desire. Patients in the IG were offered an intervention with contents similar to the CG but delivered via a chatbot. A personal keyword allowed accessing the chatbot via Telegram, a widely used messaging app very similar to others, which makes it very easy to use and was chosen due to its better privacy warranties at the moment this trial was conducted. No instructions or recommendations were given to the chatbot users regarding timing, frequency, or intensity of use. No further appointments were set between the professional and the patient other than the follow-up at 6 months , and no additional co-interventions were provided outside the trial setting.

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Other studies among Black Americans with chronic conditions during COVID-19 found that participants also preferred chatbots to be “personable and empathetic” . Other empathy-simulating chatbots have reported similar positive feedback from users [55-57]. Empathetic statements validated people’s search for knowledge and implicitly acknowledged the loneliness of the pandemic experience . Automated conversational agents, or chatbots, have a role in reinforcing evidence-based guidance delivered through other media and offer an accessible, individually tailored channel for public engagement.

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  • Content rated A – Adult are suitable for people aged 18+.
  • However, this comparison was justified by the pragmatic nature of the study.
  • Most participants disapproved of moralistic or reasoning-based appeals to get vaccinated, although public health workers felt that such strong statements appealing to communal responsibility were warranted.
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  • In terms of secondary variables, quality of life further improved for patients assigned to the chatbot intervention versus the CG, especially for those who succeeded in quitting.
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