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Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

You can imagine how upset he was after paying that amount of money for a service THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE. He relies heavily on money transfer apps for work and this was just beyond a HORRIBLE experience. There are plenty of other applications that provide the same type of support and I, along with my husband, will be using any other service besides PayPal.

Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

So I switched to using a credit card on eBay. The card was never used or even registered with PayPal.

Transferring From Paypal Merchant Accounts To Bank Accounts

Be very careful of Paypal and its problem with a company called Safecart. They said I had an agreement with them but when I looked it said it was started on 2003 and this was the first time on 2016 that they had even taken any money from me so you know it had to be a scam. Look constantly at your profile and make sure your auto payments have not been hacked. Paypal deserves a F rating in this department. It kept forcing me to use my personal balance in my PP account.

  • Upon contacting PayPal, the supervisor claimed that this was a currency conversion charge that I had to pay as the amount had been converted from Euro to A$ and back to Euro.
  • I provided PP with information to show that tracking for the package ‘fell off’ after it allegedly left the vendor (Designer Trends/Walmart.) I contacted both vendors along with PP.
  • The arrival of spring means sunshine, warmer temperatures, gatherings and lots of drinking.
  • I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid via PayPal and PayPal REFUSED me access to my funds.
  • We eventually worked everything out without Paypal’s help.
  • I think PayPal has blacklisted my credit card.

Based on my experience, I’d encourage everyone to stay away from PayPal unless you happen to enjoy not knowing what is going on with your money. I have had a personal account for two years now and all of a sudden my account is shutdown and I was told that I could not activate another one I am banned permanently. I ha an experience with Paypal which is a reason that i do not recommend it to anyone anymore. I was pissed and didn’t respect them because they deleted my account with no investigation. Yeah, I know it was bad but I did what I had to do. THEY BAN MY MOM FROM USING THE SERVICE PERMANENTLY BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE. The lady only orders yarn & paper crafts off eBay! Then PayPal cancells my dispute and sides with the merchant.

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We have not broken any rules nor have we since we started. I called them and they will give no information. They have my money on hold for 6 months. They will of course accrue interest as they illegally hold my money.

Their customer service is a joke, its an equivalent of a collective of idiots who got paid. I recently ordered an item online and paid with Paypal. The item did not arrive on the date stated. I emailed the company who, twice, supplied me with fake tracking numbers.

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Not that I have a choice now, but I will never use, or endorse this company’s services, as they seem to be completely backward with their policies. I have never been more disappointed in a service in my life. I thought that Paypal would be a convenient, efficient way to buy items but oh how wrong I was. I bought an item on Reverb with the understanding that the seller could overnight it to me. He later contacted me and said he couldn’t overnight the item and would refund me.

  • The neighbors shipping address auto generated and did not tied with the address I have on file.
  • The credit card company pays the merchant in USD and then they charge a currency conversion to the card holder.
  • The convenience of using them to send and receive money is tremendous, but thankfully there are finally competitors in the market.
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  • Both services offer a large amount of flexibility, and that seems to be the main attraction for merchants.
  • I don’t know risky I can be when all I do is collect money just like all their other customers to spend on my family needs.

I had prove that what I paid 350$ was never even working! Even from the games customer service emailing me back stating that! I make it clear that I do not do any international shipping, then I ship an item to a US address the Buyer requested me to do. Buyer received the item then made demands for taxes and international shipping and contacts Pay Pal putting a hold on the payment and its removed from my account. First, the Buyer stated did not receive but knows how much taxes and shipping would cost him. Its shady and its extortion but Pay Pal and Ebay ignore your complaints.

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Each time I heard someone pick up the line and then immediately hang up on me. Im not giving up until I get my refund though. I haven’t been happy with PayPal at all lately.

  • We made the error 2 times and the 3rd we said SCREW PAYPAL.
  • I believe Paypal has purposely built a scheme to increase the number of new accounts and daily earnings/withholdings.
  • I suspect they are using these frozen funds to invest on a daily basis.
  • Never do business if you have an emergency situation with PayPal this is the most corrupted institution to transfer money with.
  • If you have money to open the company and run business, you need to spend money to hire qualified staff to do the job but not stupid shit to say stupid thing.
  • As one can imagine, PayPal has received thousands of customer reviews.
  • Worthless company they draw you in and eat you up.

After about a week, PayPal debited the credit card with an amount that was 10% greater than the purchase amount. They out right lied and said it was my banks fault that it hasn’t posted I spoke with my personal banker and she said none of that is true they can’t credit funds that are not even pending. Don’t use them I just spoke to them again they will not put the money back in your bank you are forced to use pay pal to spend the funds. Paypal is horrible, i had paypal set up with my business and a customer made a transaction, using paypal payment method, it has been a month and i still haven’t seen the money.

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Or they may be using my mailing and billing address to detect me as one of their personae non gratae. During the conference call, the PayPal representative said a guest PayPal account is created when I pay on eBay with a credit card, so it is essentially anonymous. But surely my eBay account name and email address, and my mailing/billing address, is entered in that transaction, so PayPal has access to it. If that is the case, even creating a new eBay account would not help, as I am not going to enter a false mailing address. Even if I were dishonest, I would not do it, as I am disabled and homebound—I am only getting out of the house about once every 10 days. I need to have items delivered to where I live.

Currently on hold for the 3rd time, you can’t even get a hold of the correct department without having to go through the dumb automatic voice message system. Absolutely am disappointed, and frustrated. And then suddenly – voilà, your PayPal merchant account is blocked without any obvious reason. I purchased a mattress topper using PayPal to pay for the product. The product was not as described, lacked pieces, and had a defective zipper. PayPal refused to honor my request for a refund. I’ve been a customer of Paypal for more than 10 years and now suddenly they discovered that I’ve change my country of residence and blocked my account withholding all of my data.

I had great difficulty in getting to speak to paypal about this problem. The absurd rubbish automated vouce was so incompetent it just did not work and did not understand. I have been with Paypal from the start. Now they take payment as direct debit and once this is done your bank can’t help you.

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Other representatives even picked up and started the entire process over until I told them I was waiting for a response back from a different department. I definitely Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay will never have my business use their service. 2 days after the first order, I found another part from HobbyWow, different seller, that I needed.

Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

Paypal still refuses to refund me my money so I just took it as a lost and canceled my account. This has been the most frustrating transaction ever, I will never ever use paypal ever again.

And it sucks because you end up being penalized by a false complaint of a dishonest buyer.. And after you send proof of legitimate business, they still side with the buyer. If you have money to open the company and run business, you need to spend money to hire qualified staff to do the job but not stupid shit to say stupid thing. I called on 9/10 to ask for support my account problem and the girl who answered my phone was SUPER SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL and UNEDUCATED. I ordered shoes, returned them because they did not fit. Now they won’t give my money back to my bank.

Paypal hasn’t been helpful and declined my dispute. They’re saying that I keyed in the shipping address, which I nevered keyed in because it never asked me.

How Expensive Is Paypal?

When I contacted customer service they were no help. I’m not sure if they aren’t trained properly, if they are incompetent or they just don’t care. You would be better off using any other online money transfer company but steer far far way from PayPal. Sad day after following the advice of paypal employees with ebay selling and connecting the moneys to my paypal account They have locked my account with not even give me the time of day when I ask for help. I guess being a senior citizen has a special place with paypal.